Chief Operating Officer

Through a collaboration agreement between NuoBello and Dragon Development Consultants, of which Mr. Simmons is the Chief Executive Officer, Dragon Development Consultants will provide sales and marketing services for development projects that NuoBello undertakes.

Mr. Simmons has been involved in real estate, design, development, technology, sales and marketing, public relations, mortgage and investment since 1993. Prior to NuoBello, he was the Head of Worldwide Property for Banyan Tree and Laguna Resorts and Hotels, which comprises Banyan Tree Residences, Angsana Properties, and Laguna Property with development locations in China, Indonesia, Mexico, Thailand and Vietnam. Property types included luxury city-center high-rise condominiums priced at approximately USD $1M, gated residential communities with townhomes, semi-detached and detached residences priced from USD $350K to $2M, mid-rise investment and residential condominiums priced from USD $250K to $1M, and numerous ultra-luxury investment properties in exotic locations priced in the multi-millions. During his five years with the company, along with receiving the Best Developer Award by the South East Asia Property Awards, he achieved record sales more than doubling the company’s prior sales figures and was responsible for all aspects of the property business throughout the world including business development, research, design, systems, training, sales teams in all locations, websites, a centralized marketing department, collaterals in numerous languages and public relations.

Previously the owner of a California Real Estate, Mortgage and Investment company holding a Certified Finance Lender License and owner of a corporate wine and gift boutique named The Fermented Grape, Mr. Simmons is also a heavily skilled IT professional with strong operational management abilities, having managed Hewlett Packard worldwide technical support call centers for five years, creating many call centers from the ground up. In addition, he was one of the original management members of an internet startup, utilizing applet remote desktop technology via the Internet, which was later purchased by Citrix and incorporated into their online platform to create